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Android apps that every tablet should have

Got a new tablet? Congratulations! Now you need to equip it with a handful of quality Android tablet apps. There are over 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store, but not all of them are intended for tablets. So, we’re going to show you a handful of apps that you just have to have for your tablet.

#1 Riptide GP2riptidegp2

Get it on Google Play[$2.99] If you enjoy racing and Jet Ski’s, Riptide GP2 is one heck of a game! Showcased at Google I/O, Riptide GP2 makes itself one of the best Android tablet apps by using breathtaking graphics, adrenaline inducing gameplay, and by providing an insane amount of content.
This isn’t one of those casual games you’ll beat in 30 minutes. Once you sit down with Riptide Gp2, you’ll be racing for hours!
Best Android tablet apps: RipTide GP2

Get it on Google Play
#2 Android Authorityaa

[Free] If you plan on keeping tabs on the latest and greatest in the Android world, our very own Android Authority app is great for doing just that. We cover the best Android news, the best apps, do thorough videos for the very latest Android smartphones and tablets, and much, much more. If you want to stay connected to the pulse of Android, then you’ll be served well by getting our very own official Android app!
Best Android tablet apps: Android Authority

#3 Kindlekindle

Get it on Google Play[Free] One of the best Android tablet apps is Amazon Kindle, as it makes reading unobtrusive. Simply holding a tablet in your hand with access to an infinite amount of books is much more convenient then the traditional paperback and a flashlight or a lamp.
The Amazon Kindle app isn’t just for reading books — it can view documents and newspapers, too. The most impressive part of Amazon Kindle isn’t all of the features or functionality, though. It’s the never ending library Amazon has for your reading pleasure.
Best Android tablet apps: Amazon Kindle

#4 Flipboardflipboard

Get it on Google Play[Free] Flipboard isn’t your run-of-the-mill news aggregation service — it’s a beautiful magazine that curates content to your preferences. It doesn’t stop at just news, though. Flipboard also puts photos your friends are sharing on Social Media in this magazine. So not only do you get your daily dose of news, but you get to see what your friends are doing, too!
Best Android tablet apps: Flipboard

#5 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hourmoderncombat4

Get it on Google Play[$6.99] If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, you shouldn’t have trouble picking up Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The basic premise is the same — terrorists are about to take over the world, and you need to eliminate the threat.
The only real annoyance in this game is the poor on-screen touch controls, which can be fixed by picking up a Bluetooth MOGA controller and connecting it to your device.
Best Android tablet apps:  Modern Combat 4

Get it on Google Play
#6 Boat Browser with Flashboat

[Free] Adobe Flash Player was removed from Android awhile back, instead opting for HTML5. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of content still requires Adobe Flash Player, which we just can’t access with HTML5. Thankfully, there’s a way around this with Boat Browser, and a few, additional steps. You can find out how to enable Adobe Flash Player with Boat Browser here.
Best Android tablet apps: Boat Browser with Flash

7 Chrome for Androidchrome

Get it on Google Play[Free] Chrome for Android is a step above all of the other mobile browsers out there. With features that let you sync your history between your devices, private browsing with incognito mode, a way to read pages offline, and easily accessible tabs, Chrome for Android is your one stop shop for your Internet browsing needs!
Chrome is preloaded on Nexus devices, so those who own a Nexus 10 or 7, they won’t have to worry about this one. However, those who don’t own one will have to manually install Chrome from the Play Store.
Best android tablet apps: chrome for Android

#8 Netflixnetflix

Get it on Google Play[Free/Paid Subscription] There’s not many things more relaxing than laying in bed with your tablet watching a movie. The Netflix tablet app is great for doing just that. And with its vast library of movies, you’ll never run out of good content, even after its loss of almost 2,000 titles earlier this year.
One of the big advantages of having Netflix on your tablet is that the movie streaming service often has all of the latest films and TV series available. It doesn’t get much better than Netflix when it comes to movie streaming.

#9 IMDbimdb

Get it on Google Play[Free] The Internet Movie Database is your one stop shop for just about anything related! Whether you want to look up a movie from twenty years ago, a movie already out, an upcoming movie or a variety of actors, IMDb has got you covered.
best Android tablets : IMDB

#10 Minecraft: Pocket Editionminecraft

Get it on Google Play[$6.99] You can’t surf the Internet five minutes without hearing at least a single reference to Minecraft nowadays. It has taken desktops by storm, and it’s even invading the mobile space with the Pocket Edition. In comparison to its PC counterpart, it may not be of the utmost quality, but it’s certainly one of the best Android tablet apps currently available.
On-screen touch controls are often obtrusive in most games, but they’re hardly an annoyance in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The overall Pocket Edition experience is slick and smooth on most tablets, whereas it’s a frustrating experience on smartphones due to the lack of screen real estate and frequent lag.
best android tablet apps: MineCraft

#11 SoundHoundsoundhound

[Free] If you’ve ever heard of Shazam’s music recognition, that’s just what SoundHound is, but a bit more advanced. It recognizes sounds around you blazing fast, and then gives you the option to seamlessly purchase them from Amazon.
Get it on Google Play
SoundHound also offers options to search the song on YouTube, listen to it on the popular Rdio app, play it in Spotify, or find tour dates and tickets for the musician.
soundhound android tablet apps

#12 OfficeSuite Pro 7officepro

[Trial/Paid] OfficeSuite Pro 7 lets you create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. However, it goes the extra mile with a built-in File Browser and integration with popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Get it on Google Play
OfficeSuite Pro also has a beautiful tablet design, making document creation and editing extremely easy. The overall app is leagues ahead of most Android office suite apps, making OfficeSuite Pro 7 one of the best Android tablet apps available.
android tablet apps: officesuite pro 7

#13 Tablified Markettablified

The Tablified Market is your one stop shop for Android tablet apps. It’s fairly difficult to find tablet-specific Android apps on the Play Store, however, the Tablified Market takes all of the tablet focused apps on the Play Store and organizes them for easy searching.

Get it on Google Play
It’s not technically a third-party app store either. After clicking on an app and pressing the purchase button, you’re redirected to that same app, but inside the Google Play Store instead of the Tablified Market.

tablified market android tablet apps

#14 Papyruspapyrus

[Free] Looking for a good note taking app that goes the extra mile? Papyrus let’s you take digital, natural handwritten notes with a passive stylus, your finger, or even Samsung’s S Pen.

Get it on Google Play
Papyrus also has a handful of features to make exporting notes easy, such as saving as a .jpg or .pdf file. You can also easily access your notes by uploading them to Dropbox or Box.

papyrus android tablet apps

#15 ES File Exploreresfilexplorer

[Free] Everyone needs a file explorer on their tablet, and ES File Explorer is the perfect Android tablet app for just that! It supports over 30 languages, so it’s widely available.

Get it on Google Play
It’s also fully featured, as it’s compatible with a plethora of services, such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive. However, it also functions as an FTP client, application manager, and more.

android tablet apps: ES File Explorer

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