Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Using command window Chat middle of CMD in Windows7/8

Chat middle of CMD in Windows7.

A nice plate and means of communication within a local area network (LAN)
is a messaging tool CMD of Windows 7 specifically. Below I have a tutorial 
in Greek with the steps I followed to be.


This command is mentioned in the  only works in Windows7/8 

for older versions type the command net sent

steps :

1. open command window as administrator 

 2. type net sent to see all main menu

3. type net view to see command work proper or not and you can check server name
 4. for display communication information type msg * wrote  your message  then press enter , it prompt your message .
    [In place of  write your message  you can type text that can displayed ]     

example : i mention below ,I like to display WELCOME TO PORTAL
              then i type msg * WELCOME TO PORTAL 

Created by : Rakesh Shrivastav

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