Sunday, February 16, 2014

Monster Virtual Career Fair India 3rd-7th March 2014

What is a virtual career fair?

Virtual career fairs offer an immersive experience in which you can browse potential employers in a realistic and interactive 3-Dimensional environment

This virtual technology provides a new way to communicate with potential employers, enabling direct contact and interaction with leading companies.

To whom is the fair directed?
This fair is organized for graduates and professionals who are looking for their next great employment opportunity.

How do I find a list of the participating organizations?
You can find a list of the participating organizations on the exhibitors tab. These organizations represent a wide variety of employers in the industry.

You can explore employment opportunities and apply to positions that interest you.

You can learn about prospective employers by reading employee testimonials and watching videos at their virtual booths.

You can also communicate directly with representatives of participating companies by using either chat or Skype.

What do I need to participate in the fair?
You need to have Flash 9 installed on your computer and an ADSL internet connection (1 Mega minimum). Don't forget to connect the speakers to participate in the Video Presentation!.

3rd – 7th March, 2014
This year VCF gets bigger with more jobs and
more opportunities. Now you can connect and
interact with the biggest employers while sitting
at your desk. It’s time to wake up and find better. 
*The above figures of jobs and employers correspond to the last 3 VCFs (2013) in India.

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