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Solar Off Grid Applications

Solar Off Grid Applications

You may be asking yourself why you should purchase your Solar Off grid system from Medors Solar. There’s no question that you can find many of these products online from many pop up websites but do you really know what you’re getting or if it will meet your specific needs? Our philosophy is simple – we know what we sell. Medors Solar has been designing and helping customers, worldwide, with customized renewable energy systems, step by step, for over 10 years. Every one of our sales techs live with at least some of the products that we feature on our website and in our catalogue. When you order from us you’re not just getting products we believe in, you’re getting lifelong support from our team of experts. Your questions will get answered and your needs will be met. It is our earnest goal to leave you completely satisfied. Here we are explaining about Solar Off Grid Applications and its advantages.
Medors Solar offers FREE custom design service for your alternative energy system as well as FREE after-sale technical support for the life of the system. It’s what has made us India’s most trusted off-grid supplier. Let us work for you!

Light solutions. Bright solutions.

Off Grid Solar System
Off Grid Solar System

Advantages of Off Grid Solar System:
Off Grid Solar System is one of the best Grid solar system due to its following features.
  1.  This type of grid system is not connected to the electrical grid.
  2.  This grid relies on battery to store the electricity generated by the solar panels for future use, for example, at night.
  3.  No extra power required for this grid.
Off Grid Maintenance:
Off grid solar power system requires a high maintenance. The batteries of this system need to be taken care of. They have the shorter life span. They need to be changed on regular basis. The batteries should be disposed in a right way because these are very harmful to the environment. The dispose area should be far from the living area

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